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Re: The Israel-Palestine Thread

Postby GregB » June 4th, 2015, 12:50 pm

I'm glad Steve said no one's trying to defend terrorists, so presumably these reports by the more than reputable Amnesty International about war crimes committed by the Hamas terrorists in Gaza will carry some weight in that respect. (The second report is from The Guardian, which surely gives it a double seal of approval.) ... N420150526 ... 4-conflict

I love this concluding comment from the latter article:
"Hamas officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment." Of course, they were probably too busy engaged in humanitarian efforts, such as building new tunnels to indiscriminately attack Israeli civilians with materials allowed to pass to build new houses, schools, etc. - or perhaps just to murder a few more of their own kind in examples of summary 'justice' inhuman Islamist-style (though next to ISIS, which is now moving into Gaza too, they're just amateurs.)

Oh, and I'm chipping in with this (exceptionally and preferably as a one-off) as I think it's only fair if Steve can't resist doing so. And talking of Steve, please spare us that stock red herring about Israel's defenders. It's perfectly legitimate to point out that the regimes surrounding Israel and beyond (above all Iran) are infinitely worse in all respects than Israel. Moreover to talk vaguely of boycotting them if one could (an earlier post of yours) as somehow the only effective form of protest (as if boycotts have any effect whatsoever anyway* - the one against Israeli fruit and other trivia, when its technology dominates the world and is unaffected by the present boycott Israel campaign', is a non-starter) is to avoid the real necessity to constantly attack these vile regimes right across the board and in the public square, marches and demos included, rather than just doggedly (and ineffectually) keep sticking pins into Israel.

[* The racist apartheid regime in South Africa wasn't brought down by any boycott whatsoever. Its time came for much more deep-rooted political, economic and sheer prevailing zeitgeist reasons.]
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