Items of interest (but maybe not long discussion)

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Re: Items of interest (but maybe not long discussion)

Postby different glory » July 5th, 2015, 6:10 am

This one is more on the fun-fact side, in terms of wow! that's some posh convent!
(though it also throws light on who "owns" church property, I guess. Plus, I suppose it's one view of what being vowed to poverty means.)
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Re: Items of interest (but maybe not long discussion)

Postby GregB » July 5th, 2015, 8:37 am

First convent I've seen with a pool. :o

An abandoned convent (Sant Agustí) in one of the old quarters of Barcelona has been converted into a civic centre for the district and a long bar, with terrace, now forms one side of what was the cloister. It's a very pleasant, quiet place to enjoy a drink: ... 1269384827

They have regular concerts inside the bar: ... /image.jpg
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Re: Items of interest (but maybe not long discussion)

Postby Pondero » July 5th, 2015, 3:26 pm

It is obvious to me, having seen convents dissolve or get downsized, that the nuns of the Immaculate Heart( of Mary?) own it, not archbishop Gomez. When the nuns who have been teachers and nurses all their lives get the money, they are not going to Las Vegas to blow it on slot machines. They will invest some for their retirement in a modest way, of themselves, in keeping with the life they have lived, and give the rest away to charity. There obviously is a shortage of young nuns to continue the existence of the order.

I remember a school sister of Notre Dame teaching in Toronto for only a small salary, not what the secular teachers got. She taught my son to read.Today, a secular teacher with experience earns $93,000 a year.These nuns worked for next to nothing, and there used to be lots of them, which kept costs down to the Catholic property tax payer in Toronto.
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