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Re: Muslims in Our Midst

Postby Theophilus » June 28th, 2017, 9:40 pm

GregB wrote:Indeed.

Moreover, comparing the centuries-long cruel, unending violence of Islam with the mostly psychological abuses within certain Christian formations is so wrong headed and absurd as to be laughable, not to mention the clear objective fact that it has no basis in real history and merely reflects your own wholly woolly subjective, but totally insubstantial and flawed, outlook on the world.

I should add that the core text of Christianity, the New Testament, doesn't have a single verse authorising violence against opponents whereas the Qu'ran is full of them. However, as your opinions are based on nothing more than random unresearched blather from the occasionally fired-up synapses of your brain without any objective basis (presumably your husband, an academic with two degrees, would see the problem with that) I think we can safely dismiss them.

I agree particularly with the highlighted bit. Even if some Muslims claim that the Qu'ran is being misinterpreted by terrorists, the fact is there is more to misinterpret in the Qu'ran than in the Bible; it takes more mental gymnastics to justify violence, or even a 'just war', from the Bible, whereas it doesn't take much to find a verse in the Qu'ran advocating violence against "enemies of Islam".

I would add that the respective examples from Jesus' and Mohammad's lives are also significant. Apart from the obvious example of Mohammad being a warlord who fought battles and executed people, you could also add Mohammad's attitude to women, polygamy and paedophilia. There are significant numbers of Muslims around the world who believe polygamy is acceptable because Mohammad practiced it, and that 9 is an acceptable age for a girl to be married to a significantly older man because it models Mohammad's life.
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