Ban the Media?

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Ban the Media?

Postby Pondero » February 16th, 2018, 10:30 pm

I wish it could be done, but it can't. I do believe the Media is largely responsible for the wrongs of this world.
At the moment we can't ban it. However, we can ignore it, not watch it, and condemn
I can say lots more about it,but not now.

The news media magnifies the evils of the world,publicises them ,supports evil behaviour by the way its commentators influence the message, and gets confused thinking people to see no wrong in what was done.
I am thinking of euthanasia, abortion and artificial contraception here.Not the news of the recent carnage in Florida where 17 students were murdered.
According to one study, the average adult has a shorter attention span (eight seconds) than a goldfish (nine seconds).
This is not surprising in today's wired , or wified world.
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