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Unions today

Postby Pondero » February 10th, 2015, 11:55 am

My own union, which I am still a member of as I pay dues as a retired member is about to meet to negotiate a new contract for federal public servants. I wish them luck as it won't be easy, it never is easy but we are in a period of economic decline, or so we are told by forecasters, experts in these matters. The feds are soon to be having an election and the public, whipped up by the right wing media are going to compare their pensions and wages with ours, and object strongly. Instead of saying why can't the private sector increase wages and introduce decent pensions,they want to reduce our benefits to their level.

This hatred of private sector workers for public servants who are considered to be lazy, freeloaders runs very deep in Canada unfortunately.
Now, there are many who say unions have served their purpose, we don't need them any more. Now I don't share that view, as human nature has not evolved to be more kind than in the past, Human greed, and lust for power by those in charge of corporations still exists, and the benefits the union fought for a century ago, are being eroded.If we don't fight for justice for the laborer we will be back in the days of child Labour, 12 hour days, including Saturdays, and no safety or health provisions by law to protect workers.
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