What have you learned?

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A place for serious discussion on any non-religious topic

What have you learned?

Postby different glory » November 29th, 2015, 8:14 am

as an adjunct to the"Seniors" thread, which quite rightly decries the devaluing of older persons experience in the workplace, can I ask people what things they have learned from fairly long experience that they didn't know when they were young-but-adult.
I'll start with a couple, one minor and mundane, one not so much:
- a mix of one part by volume vinegar to three parts bicar soda is great for whitening grout between bathroom tiles.
- it doesn't matter how stumbling and inept are your words to someone bereaved and in grief - what's important is to say something,to recognise that the death has occured.
That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works. - Psalm 26
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Re: What have you learned?

Postby GregB » November 29th, 2015, 7:22 pm

Mmmmm...so much could be said here. Well, first thoughts for now.

On practical, minor matters, I learned (the hard way) that there is no magic cure for a hangover, only prevention; ie. don't exceed your known proved limit and if you do, take the consequences head on.

More seriously, I've seen what I call the Parsons Principle proved true time and again, often to my personal cost. What am I referring to? Well, I had a friend in my earlier years called Kenny Parsons whose golden rule was to never get involved in matters or situations beyond one's own means, resources or capacities, a wise reaction to the old adage 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread'. I think the older I get, the more I realise the value of that principle, though it can take years and growing maturity to fully appreciate and put it into practice. Would that so many others did so, too.
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Re: What have you learned?

Postby Pondero » November 30th, 2015, 12:28 am

This General Discussion section is not the place to discuss the effect religious beliefs have had on one's life but in order to answer I must.
My lesson learned would be hold fast to a belief in a divine plan for yourself, and for everyone.The alternative is meaningless hedonism and some useless suffering.
We can't all agree on a religious belief, but we should be able to prove from philosophy the existence of a good God. But some are unable to do even that and so must believe in that which they cannot prove. God will enable them to do this.

I am treating this as a serious subject.
Let nothing disturb you.
Let nothing make you afraid.
All things are passing.
God alone never changes.
Patience gains all things.
If you have God you will want for nothing.
God alone suffices.

— St. Teresa, The bookmark of Teresa of Ávila, [28]
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