Going back 30 years -

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Going back 30 years -

Postby Pondero » November 1st, 2017, 2:39 pm

A long time ago , I was young(er) then and was an active member of a union. Here is part of the story.

I was in church this morning at All Saints church at mass in celebration of All saints day. I thought I recongnized someone from the past, from my union days. He wasn’t very happy about having to say “Peace be with you “ this morning. Then he took off and went to another spot in church to get to communion, and didn’t return. That brought all this into my mind.
I know some of the people at Pearson*“hate my guts”, even today, if any are left and have not yet retired, which is quite possible.
I went home and took out a large file of correspondence about my union activities and read letter after letter on the subject.
Local 24 of Customs Excise/Douanes Accise union was put into trustee ship for irregularities, one of which was
Refusal by the Toronto Branch Executive to comply with the requirements of the Alliance Constitution with the respect to the illegal removal from office of the First Vice-President* of the Branch.
*I was the First Vice-President
… it goes on.. refusal to reinstate the First Vice-President of the Branch with all due rights and privilegesl.
Wilful violation of the Toronto Branch Executive of CEUDA By-Laws and Branch Rules and Regulations with respect to a referendum for a proposed dues increase.
It goes on… Blatent misrepresentation by the President of the Toronto Branch concerning statements made by the National President of Public Service Alliance of Canada respecting the above mentioned referendum.And there is much more…
Attacks against the National Office and National Office staff by members of the Toronto District Branch… (by) misleading and erroneous and sometimes slanderous information provided to the members by some members of the Toronto District Branch Executive.
It goes on and on and on giving reasons for trustee ship of the Branch in this letter to the President of which I have a copy and now reveal.
The full story has not been heard by some in Customs at Pearson .That is why we were put into trusteeship and I became a deputy trustee.
Fortunately, we in Excise moved from that union to PIPSC sometime later on. We had nothing in common with Customs.
* Pearson is Lester Pearson Airport,Mississauga (the busiest airport in Canada.)
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God alone never changes.
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— St. Teresa, The bookmark of Teresa of Ávila, [28]
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