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Capital, Karl!

Postby GregB » April 16th, 2018, 12:24 pm

Apparently on the 5th of May, the bicentenary of Karl Marx's birth will be celebrated, especially in his birthplace, Trier in Germany. According to an article I've just read, all the traffic lights of that town will feature an image of the founder of communism (since foundering), but surely that can only be displayed on the red traffic light, which means that the whole of the town's traffic will grind to a halt (though that is a fair allegory of the total ineffectiveness of communism. :mrgreen: )
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Re: Capital, Karl!

Postby Pondero » April 17th, 2018, 7:09 pm

You had me looking for my English edition of Das Kapital, Greg,published by The Modern Library, 1906.New York.It is 869 pages long and Frederick Engels in London June 25 1890, wrote the Editors preface to the Fourth German Edition.Karl himself wrote from London,on July 25,. 1867. ( By accident that fell on my birthday, and very nearly became the date of the founding of Canada, just coincidences.) This volume I tried to read once was boring. However, a lot of work and great detail went into the writing of it. Strange, considering America's aversion to Communism, Ernest Untermann who translated Das Kapital into English was the American editor lived in Orlando, Florida ,on July 18, 1906. He knew where to live :grin: .
This volume may be worth something??
I also have a copy of the Manifesto of the Communist Party by Marx (and) Engels printed in Moscow, USSR. (I have the address of the publishers).

I must have bought these books at some second hand book seller many years ago.
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