The Rules

All those boring things everyone ignores, like the rules
Forum rules
All those boring things everyone ignores, like the rules

The Rules

Postby The Hosts » October 23rd, 2007, 8:03 pm

The Hosts can be contacted using the contact button at the top of every page or, for members, by starting a thread in the contact forum. Posts in the contact forum are visible only to site admin, the Hosts and the thread starter. The Hosts will do their best to respond as soon as possible.

1. St Thads on the Net is an online community, where people of any faith may discuss Christian topics in a friendly and respectful atmosphere.
Although St Thads is hosted by Christians, it is not a “Christian site” and we welcome members of any faith or none, of any denomination or none. Membership is free and open to anyone over the age of 12, irrespective of race, gender, age, creed, sexual orientation, education and physical or mental challenge, provided they are willing to obey the board rules. Anyone under 18 years old must have the consent of a parent or guardian, and should inform the Hosts of this.

Initially, new members will be restricted to the Square and unable to use certain board functions, including private messages. These restrictions will be removed once they have made some posts, when they will be promoted to the Thaddeans group.

2. The day to day running of the community is the responsibility of the Cherubim (moderators) and Seraphim (other responsibilities).
A report button is provided on every post, to allow members to alert the moderators to any issue which may need attention.
Any Thaddean may apply to join the Cherubim or Seraphim. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Hosts. Cherubim or Seraphim members will be asked to take responsibility for a fixed term, and the identities of the active team members at any time will not be made public. Please remember that they are volunteers acting in confidence and on behalf of everyone at St Thads. All members must accept their decisions, and remember that the moderation process may take some time. Whenever possible, a reason for a decision will be given, privately to the individual concerned or on the forum when appropriate. On occasion, this may not be feasible and the Cherubim and Seraphim are not obliged to give reasons. All moderation actions are logged.

3. St Thads on the Net is run by the Hosts, and their decision is final.
Any concerns or complaints should be directed to the Hosts privately. Public complaints may be removed without warning.
In the case of complaints about moderation, the Hosts will review the case and, if appropriate, appoint a review panel from Cherubim members with no previous involvement in the case. While the Hosts will review any case referred to them, they are under no obligation to explain any decisions made, particularly to members not directly involved.

4. All members are required to treat others with respect at all times.
All posts and submissions must meet reasonable standards of taste, decency and respect.
Trolling (the posting of material with the intention to offend, inflame or ridicule) and Spamming (the posting of large numbers of threads and repeated, offensive or irrelevant messages) and personal remarks (whether directed at another member or someone in the wider community) are not allowed.
Offenders may be asked to edit their posts, or posts may be edited or removed without warning. Persistent offenders may receive a formal warning, be placed on pre-moderation or banned at the discretion of the Hosts.

5. All members are required to treat the beliefs of others with respect at all times.
The validity or otherwise of an individual's relationship with God can only be known by that individual and God. While it is inevitable that members will disagree on many issues, it is not acceptable either to assume you know the beliefs held by another person or to decide whether anyone is or is not an adherent of a particular faith. You may argue against a point made by another person or against a generally stated belief of a group, but should be prepared to provide reasons why you disagree.

6. Members must not publish personal information about others and should exercise caution regarding information about themselves.
Everyone is entitled to privacy regarding their personal information, and members should remember that posts on the forum may be read by anyone, whether a member or not.
All members are advised to be very careful when publishing any information that will enable them, or anyone else, to be identified or located. Members must not publish or solicit any information, including photographs, which will enable a person under 18 years of age to be identified or located. Should you receive such solicitation or suspect that someone else has, whether by private message or otherwise, you must alert the Hosts immediately. Should you wish to share photographs of your family with other Thaddeans, please ensure you create a Gallery2 album with appropriate permissions and direct them to the photographs there, rather than posting them on the board.

7. Members are responsible for ensuring that their posts and private messages conform to board rules and legal requirements.
The operating language of the board is English. Other language material may only be posted if a translation or explanation is provided.
Material from external sources, whether printed or online, including images, sound files, and passages from the Bible, is subject to copyright, and there are restrictions on what may be copied without permission from the copyright holder. In all cases, the source of the material must be acknowledged and copyright attributed. If this information is not provided, offending posts may be edited or removed without warning.

8. Private messages should meet the same standards of taste and decency as posts on the forum.
Private messages will normally be seen only by the sender and recipient, and information received by private message should not be posted publicly without permission from the sender.
Any member who receives a message which breaches board rules may contact the Hosts, who will arrange for that member to forward the offending message to the moderators. In extreme cases, where investigation of a member's conduct becomes necessary, individual messages may be retrieved from the forum database.

9. Only one login account is permitted per member.
Members who have a good reason for requesting an additional account, or members having difficulty logging in should contact the Hosts.
Any account opened to circumvent sanctions on an existing account will be deleted, and additional sanctions may be imposed on the original account at the discretion of the Hosts
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