Moderator roles

All those boring things everyone ignores, like the rules
Forum rules
All those boring things everyone ignores, like the rules

Moderator roles

Postby The Hosts » October 23rd, 2007, 8:13 pm

1. Sanctions moderators
Members who break board rules seriously or repeatedly may have sanctions applied to their accounts, for a fixed term or indefinitely. These will be considered on a case by case basis by the sanctions moderators, independently of the moderation of any posts. Other moderators will refer cases to the sanctions moderators, if they believe that sanctions are needed. The Hosts may apply any sanctions they consider necessary at any time.
Sanctions include restriction of posting rights on some or all boards, restriction of private message or gallery facilities, premoderation, banning temporarily or permanently.

2. Report moderators -the “traditional” moderators
Report moderators act only on posts which have been reported using the report button. Report moderators may report posts which break board rules, to activate the moderation process.

Each moderation report shows the report submitted, along with the reported post, a review of the thread in which it appears, and a yellow notepad for the moderators to discuss what action is needed. When moderation is completed, the report will be closed. The notepad is hidden automatically on closed reports, to maintain confidentiality. Closed reports will be deleted after a minimum of one month.

Two moderators must agree before any permanent action is taken. In emergencies, a single moderator may temporarily lock or remove a thread, to prevent a situation escalating before it can be considered properly. A moderator can temporarily place members into 'cooling down' premoderation. 'Cooling down' will be lifted as soon as appropriate.

Depending on the nature and severity of any breach of board rules, members may be asked to edit a post themselves or the moderators may edit it immediately. If members do not edit a post when requested by the moderators, they will be warned and the post edited by the moderators. Whenever possible, the moderators will notify members of any action taken against their posts, and the possible consequences of further rule breaches.
If a post is edited, the original text should be recorded on the yellow notepad, for future reference. Any PMs relating to a report should also be recorded on the notepad.

Report moderators can edit, move, split or copy posts and threads. Posts or threads can be moved to a moderation forum, but not deleted. Posts can be locked to prevent a member re-adding moderated content.

3. Approval mods
Approval moderators are responsible for approving or refusing any premoderated posts. Approval moderators act independently. If a moderator is unsure about a post, it can be referred to report mods, sanctions mods or the Hosts. If a post is refused, it will be logged in the user notes.

4. Movers
Movers can move, split, copy posts and threads from one section of board to another. This may be because a thread goes off topic or the subject matter is more appropriate for another part of the board. A thread can be copied before splitting if some posts are relevant to both subjects, or can be copied to a different forum, for example to allow discussion of a topic started in a non-discussion forum. Posts can be merged into a different thread. Movers will leave a placeholder post when a thread is moved or split.
Movers may act in response to a request from board members or when they consider it necessary, without consultation with other moderators.
All forum mentors are also movers, to enable them to move appropriate threads and posts in or out of their forum.
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