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Re: Storm in a d-cup

Postby sarniajoy » January 29th, 2018, 1:48 pm

Sprocket wrote:
Sarniajoy wrote:
GregB wrote:I was only referring to her headwear, so your criticism is out of place, and my post is not disgusting in any normal sense. What is disgusting is your constant vitriolic, nasty attacks on the religious beliefs of others here, in which you constantly insensitively trample on their sincerely held faith. In any case, I have a perfect right to criticise the Queen and if I use strong language, look in the mirror SJ and see how much nasty language you use to lambast religious believers.

You quoted some things which I don't recall ever saying in living memory ("Foul smelling", "Uber sluts". Find me the contexts please at least, which in any event were certainly not directed at women in general) but the disagreeable fact that you've stored in your memory what you believe to be my overall attitude to women in the form of a couple of dubious quotes when, as I said earlier, I've defended women in many areas, something you prefer to overlook (and never quote!) in your eagerness to put me down, is frankly distressing. We'd been getting along fine lately (well, so I thought, more fool me) and I never understand why you suddenly want to put the knife in, like the other two or three occasions out of the blue over the last couple of years. OK, I can take a message and, well, enough's enough...

I make no apology for my remarks on religion, and the evil sky fairy.
You never make any apology for anything, so that's no surprise. It really is about time you grew up, and stopped posting like a stroppy teenager trying to shock the adults.

Thanks for the giggle. :lol:
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